Sunday, July 21, 2013


Cover page of Comic High issue #100 that goes on sale today, stitched together in ms paint. Onii-chan Control might still be a once-every-two-month serialization since it wasn't in issue #99.

14/9/13 edit: Yup, once every two months.

20/9/13 edit:
"A few more months and I'll be free~ And when I'm free I'll spend about a month doing absolutely nothing everyday...!"
"(I'll probably get bored in about a week and get back to work) "
- Haga Yui's twitter, 20/9/13.

 19/10/13 edit:

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  1. Hi,

    i was told that you have tl'd pretty much most of Rotte no Omocha...
    My group was going to do the Vols. starting from vol. 5 and was curious if we could use your Tls or just joint it, would be great....
    You can contact me through our site or irc.