Monday, May 11, 2015


Sooo I'm done with scanlations and have been for awhile if you hadn't noticed. But there are Chinese scans here that you can rip (or I can finally finish scanning the copy of V5 I have if you'd rather work from those). If anyone is interested in doing the editing I'll put you in contact with ^rabite (or he'll see this post lol) and you can see if he's still interested in working on it, but I'm pretty much done.......

here's everything we had done:
chapter 26/27 and maybe 28(?) scans + 26/27 translations

oh also I logged into my mediafire account for the first time in forever to see that like 50 files got banned so if anyone wants anything re-upped just tell me.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Onii-chan Control Chapter 25

And it only took three months!

Also, we don't have raws for anything past this chapter,  and there hasn't been any news about the final tankobon release date, so no clue when the next release will be.

EDIT: Tank's coming out on the 10th of June, so scans should be soon to follow. Worst case scenario I end up buying and scanning it myself.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Onii-chan Control 24

Edit: Kagesaki Yuna, along with Katou Kazue (Ao no Exorcist), Esuno Sakae (Mirai Nikki), and Tanaka Strike (Servamp), will be at Leipzig's Manga Comic Convention in March this year.

"And so I'll be going to Leipzig in Germany in March. <RT Everyone's going to be like 'who the hell is that?'"
- Kagesaki Yuna's twitter, Saturday January 18, 2014

Edit: Onii-chan Control ends in chapter 31. Starting with chapter 28 in the February issue, Onii-chan Control will be going on a 4-month publication streak in Comic High until it ends in the May issue. (Thanks for the info again, lolman.)

April 17, 2014 edit: Kagesaki Yuna tweeted on April 1 that she finished drawing the last chapter of Onii-chan Control.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twitter (Haga Yui)

Dates may be inaccurate. (゚∀。)

Vol 9 of the tank is scheduled to go on sale late January~ When it's all done I'll make another announcement! I may have one more piece of good news to announce soon. (o´ω`)o
- Tuesday, December 24 2013

I've managed to cook up a doujinshi for winter Comiket...! (。ω。) It's a book featuring the chairwoman from [Gundam Build Fighters]. I'm using the web catalogue this time, so please have a look at it there!
- Thursday, December 26 2013

I don't have a sample magazine, but [Dengeki] Maou has been released so I'll just announce it. Astarotte no Omocha! Blu-Ray Box is going on sale! ヽ('ω')ノ It will go on sale 19 March. I couldn't find an announcement page, so I'll just leave the amazon link here:
- Friday, December 27 2013

The other day I finished the bonus illustrations that come with the tankoubon in the bookstores. My vacation was supposed to start for real after that.... but the first thing I did after getting freed from the drawing work was to forget to eat for 24 hours and keep sketching... It really is my greatest hobby, isn't it? (。ω。)
- Saturday, January 18 2014

And I just got appointed to do the BD box illustrations. Heh heh... I've been wanting to draw them myself...!
- Saturday, January 18 2014

It's rather late for this, but the book released this winter [comiket] and the one from the previous summer [comiket] have gone on consignment sale at [Tora no Ana]... is what I need to announce.
- Wednesday, January 22 2014

3 flights of stairs at the bicycle shop and my back is at its limit _(:3」∠)_
- Monday, January 3 2014

I'll mostly be using it to get around town so I intend to get a hybrid bike under 10 kg.
- Monday, January 3 2014

While I was out I stocked up on beer for the first time in a while.
- Monday, January 3 2014

I'm laying the groundwork for my next work, but at present I don't have any deadlines to meet at all. Currently an unemployee. I'll just keep preparing until it's finalized and a deadline is set, and then I shall make my return as a mangaka...!
- Monday, January 3 2014
*Unemployee: 無職 - mushoku, contorted into ムショッカー, mushoker?

"I'm going on break for half a year after finishing this!" is what I thought about a year ago, but I've already started my preparations.
- Monday, January 3 2014

For now I would like to make my working environment more systematic. And hire some assistants!
- Monday, January 3 2014

During volume 5, I told my supervisor that "I'd like to do this, this, and that, and end it by volume 8", but I couldn't help but draw more so it became 9 volumes. I also started this as a story that would end in 2-3 volumes, so it feels like it's been a long-drawn battle to extend it. ('ω')
- Monday, January 3 2014

Actually, I still have a whole lot of ideas for the side-stories, but it feels like if I did everything there would be no end to it so I gave up. I might draw these side-stories in the future somewhere.
- Monday, January 3 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013

Onii-chan Control 23

Should get those last few chapters done sometime in the new few weeks, have some more free time on my hands now.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hen Zemi chapter 5

After like a year of trying to find a translator(though admittedly I wasn't looking very hard...) found someone to work on it with me. Life is good.