Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi no Tori

Book 1 of this is out of print and expensive, so no one's bothered to scan it, but a guy did transcribe his copy of it, and I've been working on getting it typesetted (on that note, the bubbles in here are a little awkward, so some of it looks pretty weird. Sorry about that...) V1 (first half of this story)is done and download link is below, and second part is in the works. The translation was transcribed from the Viz publication, and they changed a few things (simplifying names, Sarutahaiko to Saruta for example, and just generally "dumbing it down"). So yeah, not exactly the best translation, but it's the only one...

NOTE: this is only the first half of the first story, not sure how reading the next four volumes without reading the second half would go, so I dunno... Anyhow, links:

No ETA on the second half because I'm busy (lazy).

Oh, and I almost certainly missed some typos/made a few myself, so sorry about that, and if you care to point them out I'll be more than happy to get them fixed.

Also, for anyone who cares, it's looking like we're not getting raws for Onii-chan Control until the tank comes out in January, so...yeah...


  1. Thank you so much

  2. Are you using the raws from nyaa? Cause it looks like there's two pages missing from vol 2. I managed to find them though if you want them.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for work.

    1. Yeah, that might be nice...

    2. I'm guessing it's these two pages.

      Their quality looks slightly different to the other pages. I can't imagine why they were removed though at some point.

    3. Thank you very much sir, and I'm assuming they're in relative order?

  3. And for anyone who isn't aware, KickTheKitty/Random Scans scanned a few volumes.

  4. Man, thank you SO MUCH for that.

    I've been searching for this for years, both digitally and hardcopy versions.

  5. If you're still typesetting this series, I have all of the missing volumes and am willing to transcribe them.

    1. I was planning on just buying the rest and scanning them, but that would definitely be preferred for the more expensive volumes. Email is if you wanna talk more.

    2. Scanning would save us both a lot of work, since they're around 400 pages each. The expensive Phoenix volumes appear to be:

      Volume 9 ($33 used)
      Volume 6 ($50 used)
      Volume 10 ($45 used)

      I can do those. I just need to find a way to prop the book open...

    3. Here's the order, for reference.

      Viz volume 1 = JP 1-2
      Viz Volume 2 = JP 3
      Viz Volume 3 = JP 4
      Viz Volume 4 = JP 5-6
      Viz Volume 5 = JP 7-8 (page 144)
      Viz Volume 8 end = JP 8 pages 147-187
      Viz Volume 6 = JP 9-10
      Viz Volume 7 = JP 11
      Viz Volume 8 = JP 12
      Viz Volume 9 = Different order. JP 13 (144-250), and then JP 13 (1-143)
      Viz Volume 10 = JP 14-JP 15 (page 99)
      Viz Volume 11 = JP 15 (p. 100) - JP 16
      Viz Volume 12 = etc

  6. Any updates with the second half or past that?

  7. I'm about halfway through, it's sort of a personal project, so I mostly work on it in my free time, which is a little scarce.
    Someone is posting me some as yet unscanned Viz volumes(7, 8, 11 &12), so I'll be scanning those when they get here.