Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rotte no Omocha: final chapter

Rotte no Omocha is coming to an end soon. The final chapter is in next month's issue of Maou. The next tank will also be the final one, and is slated to go on sale January next year.
(source: author's twitter, 17 hours ago)

The relevant tweets:
  • Yes, I'm drawing the final chapter right now! RT: Is it true that the next volume of Rotte no Omocha is going to be the last?
  • Oh, right. I have an announcement to make before that. Baka-Test comes to a close with its 12th volume, which goes on sale the end of this month!
  • The first volume was in Jan 2007, so it's been about 7 years, huh. These 7 years I've been blindly groping my way through the designs, so I get a shock when I see the drawings from when I was just starting out.
  • And Rotte no Omocha! currently being serialized in Maou will also have its chapter in next month's volume. The final volume of the Tank is slated to go on sale January next year.
  • The first chapter was published in June or July I think, in the same year as the first volume of Baka-Test.  I've somehow managed to make it for 6 and a half years for this series too.
  • Ooh, thank you everyone for your words of appreciation.(つω;)It makes it all worth it.
  • When I first heard about Baka-Test, it had already been green-lit for debut. I was quite uneasy about having to work on both series at the same time, but I just thought "well I don't think both series will go on for long. Besides, my own series will probably end in about 2 years to say the least of it." and got started on them. To think that that I would have been able to come this far is just...!
  • Thank you very much for the great number of replies about the end of Rotte and Baka-Test! I'm so, so happy... I should have informed the readers earlier.
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  1. I read both series, it is saddening to see them coming to a close, and it seems it's been a short while since they have been serialized, thanks to whomever thanks is due for working and bringing us some these series, especially when a licence is far fetched considering the material, at least for rotte, and I hope you guys do well in the future too.