Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter 15 v3

I missed a page(20 if anyone cares) in chapter 15 because I'm an idiot, so if anyone wants the fixed version, its here. And this also brings to light our need for a QC, so if anyone wants to do that, email me at zircom22(at)

And thanks to the people that've been uploading these to all the online readers and such, I'm kinda lazy about doing that...


  1. Thanks for update on Chap 15! Would you consider doing the omake for Vol 2 of this series. The book has been released as listed on ISDN: 9784575839722? They give the 10 pg preview and the Omake is in color. The other is redoing Vol 1 from the book than the mag scans, and they have this vol in full color ISDN: 9784575839739?

    1. I'll look into it, gonna have to find someone to scan them though, because I don't have one.

  2. Preview of next chapter on Sumomo comic's site:
    On sale with volume 3!

    Keiko sheds light on the shocking past!
    With her beloved Goushi in Tokyo, Noa is left alone in her hometown, and...

    Goes on sale October 12th. Raws were delayed a month or so (?) the previous chapter. Ok, back to work I go.